Everything has a beginning

31 Jul

So. This is the inaugral post to this blog, which is the first public manifestation of an idea that has been brewing in my head. For a very…


very…long time. The idea is a simple one, but does not appear to be commonly used as a positive force. I’ve never understood this, because it seems to be present in every federal and state election, and many local elections. It is a simple option that can be used to say many things; although the meaning may be only a personal one, those tend to be the ones that have the greatest impact on one’s life.

The idea is this: If you don’t like who is on the ballot, write in someone you do.

I hope this concept grows over time, in both size and stature. Getting it out is the first step of this journey. Where it goes is something yet to be seen…I am curious.

Hello. Won’t you come along?


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