Grumpy Day in D.C.

3 Aug

I’m going to try to not mention current events here, unless they are relevant to the main focus of this blog. That being said…

After weeks of grandstanding, debates, hissy fits, and cliffhanger music that seemed to be playing in the head of every newscaster, a bill to raise the U.S.’ debt ceiling was passed.

Glory, glory, hallelujah. *blows party favor whistle*

The most amusing thing about the aftermath is that no elected official in D.C. is happy about this being over. Most speeches made around the Capitol and the White House all seem to say the same thing: “I don’t like it, but it’s better than angry mobs with pitchforks at my next meeting with constituents.” One would think that, at the very least, someone would pop a confetti-filled balloon in one of the Chambers. It seems like a Calvinist version of reality has entered the Beltway.

What I hope voters will do is ask themselves a few simple questions:

  • Did my elected representatives in Congress vote the way I had hoped? (House votes here, Senate votes here)
  • Did they seem to be an individual, or just a follower of their caucus?
  • Did they behave in a way I felt was, in a word, AWESOME?

If the answer to any of these questions left a mental distaste in your brain, don’t turn off your inner monologue immediately. Inspect this ick…savor its texture and shading. See if it leads itself to other thoughts, however different or disquieting. The important thing here is to allow yourself this introspection.

Once you’re done, there is one more step to complete: Remember the conclusions you reach when you enter the polling booth the next time their offices are up for election. For most of us, this won’t be for another 15 months; but by that time, the fruit of this meditation will be added to other fruits, which may be added to more results of more thinking sessions, until a cornucopia bursts forth with a decision. Maybe that decision will be one that sees all the names on the ballot, and you realize that all of them have acted or will act the same way that leads to another Grumpy Day in D.C.

If that happens, don’t settle for what’s there. If you have been disaffected, disillusioned, or just dissed by all the hoopla created by this “debate”, let ’em know. Your most powerful voice is in that voting space, and let it proclaim, “None of you are worth my approval!”

Afterwards, check the box for the write-in option, and write in someone that can meet your criteria for the three questions above. You’ll feel much better, and reduce the chances of having a Grumpy Day.


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