Let’s try this again, with a little blegging

7 Oct

Two years makes a big difference.

When I started this site in 2011, along with accompanying social media, I finally decided to take the plunge on this idea I had & go public with it. At the time, I was employed at a local mental health agency that paid a salary that wasn’t meeting the financial demands I had at the time; as a result, I started two part-time jobs that supplemented my income from my day job. Since then, I’ve dropped down to just two jobs, have seen pay increases from both employers, and achieved some advancement at the part-timer. I’ve also seen an increase in my financial obligations, due to life events (and damn expensive ones at that), and so the slog is perpetuated. These 60 to 75-hour workweeks have been preventing me from doing a lot of things in my life I promised myself: More travel, more time with friends and family, and this. Two years later, my circumstances are not greatly changed; therefore, I decided this summer to stop this current work/work cycle I’m in, and one part of the strategy to get out is to focus time and effort, when I can, here.

The idea to encourage others to write in their votes has been brewing in my head for 10 years now. In the past decade, the idea has evolved, thanks to vigorous debate with those from multiple economic, political, and social strata; education, both formal (a Bachelors degree) and informal (read: teh Interwebz); tons of thinking, planning, and conceptualizing that was made manifest as far out as my brain’s blood barrier. All of this groundwork has caused me to procrastinate, true; but it has also built up too much pressure for me to ignore anymore, and I have to write and create, lest I blow up and burn out; so, as this year’s elections come closer and closer, I intend to try to generate more and more content when I have micro-sized periods of free time. Problem is, putting stuff online is like shouting at the sky: I’m ranting, but it’s meaningless if nobody is poking their head over here. If you’re reading this, odds are you are one of the first real live people doing so, and thanks for doing so. If you like what you see, feel free to repost me wherever you like; and yes, that includes bathroom stalls (one of the most entertaining write-in forums one can experience). Also, feel free to donate at the button to the right: All proceeds will go to making this whole project of mine a real live organization.

More than anything, though, help me stop shouting at the sky.


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